Both working or studying is a struggle only if you live far from home. Having a friend will be very useful especially if you live in with your friend a.k.a roommate. First, to keep a balance social life. Second, to have one to take care of you when you’re sick. Third, you can share your belongings like rent bills, electricity bills or sharing food.

But let’s hear Ahmad’s opinion about roomsharing. He now shares room with his college friends.

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Hi, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Ahmad, a university student who take Food Technology as my major. I’m 20 years old.

How long you have been renting your room?

Actually, I don’t rent room. I am living in dormitory in my university and shared the room with other three students. I have been renting this room for almost 1,5 years.

Could you describe your room in university dormitory?

The room consists two bunk beds. It has four desk and four wardrobes for four students. There is still space for us to open up a carpet and gather talking, studying together. It’s actually very large. The dorm has three floors. The bathroom area is shared and located in the first floor.

How do you end up room sharing together?

The university has arranged for every students. So I don’t need to find roommate by contacting students one by one.

What’s so fun about having roommate?

You have friends to discuss about your study, play games or even tell jokes.

Any downside?

One of my roommate has a really bad body odor. He didn’t used to wear deodorant. Every time he goes back from campus or do some sports and go to our room, our room becomes smelly. We have tried to deal with him. But he just can’t be helped.

Wow, that’s terrible. Do you think Hidup website would be useful for people in Malaysia?

Yeah it is. I would be very glad to try Hidup to find roommate or even room rent. I saw that so many users already register to Hidup.

Would room sharing be something that you’d recommend?

Hmm, yes only if you find it hard to afford an exclusive room rent or you’re the easy going guy. But if you’re able to afford a luxury room rent, why you need to share?




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