What are the advantages of having roommates? Is it more worthy compared to the risk you may face from living with complete strangers?

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Yes, having roommates will not only give you financial benefits, but it can also give a good influence for your career and personal life. Well, there might be some annoying roommates whom you never expect to know. But when you meet the right ones, you will find them very helpful and you can rely on them most of the time. There are still good people, and you certainly can get one for your roommate.

Check the reasons below, and you will find out why having roommates are recommended.


You Can Split The Rent Cost

Renting an apartment on your own can cost a lot of money. Moreover in big cities, like Jakarta. Yes, you may get the privacy by living alone. But think again on how much money you can save by splitting the rent cost. You can use the money for vacation or even investment. You can also look for a nicer or a better located apartment with less money. If the rent cost should be paid monthly, just make sure that you choose reliable roommates who will pay it on time.

More Saving On Furniture

Other than your own bedroom, you can divide the tasks of furnishing the apartment with your roommates. It will give you another amount to save. Furniture might not be vital, but imagine if there’s no couch in your living room. So, having each of the occupants shared some pieces is very beneficial to reduce your expenses. Of course they can carry their furniture with them when they want to move out. The important thing is that you will not be burdened by this kind of early cost of moving to a new place.

Spend Less For Transport

You will be very lucky if your roommates are also your co-workers. You can spend less fuel by going to work together, which will reduce your daily expense. Besides that, your vehicle will last longer because it is not overused, meaning that not much maintenance needed. However, eventhough if they do not work at the same office with you, they can still give you a ride to the bank, mall, or any other places. You can do this in turns, or if you do not have a vehicle, offer them to buy the fuel occasionally.


Build Broader Network

Even if you are not that sociable, living with somebody else will force you to meet more people, which is a good thing. Your roommates will bring new friends that might open some great opportunities for you. We have heard how important networking is, and it is true. The more people you know, the broader networking you will have. It will offer you many more options and helps in your career, even if you only want make more friends and are not intentionally being opportunistic.

Encourage Working Performance

Having a roommate who has a better career or works in a more reputable company may make you feel envious. However, It can give a good influence and encouragement for your work performance. Surrounded by successful people will make you one. Or eventhough your roommates just begin their careers just like you, you can always have someone to give you more motivation in tough working conditions. Moreover, they can also be your alarm if you often wake up late.


Fewer Chances For Intruders To Break In

We never know when such incidents will happen to us. With more people in the apartment, intruders will think again before they break in. Moreover, if your schedules are different with your roommates. There will be more chances that someone will always be at home. You will also feel more secured when there is someone who accompanies you, rather than when you are alone and have to make calls just to get some helps.

There Are Always Spare Keys When Yours Are Missing

Anyone can be careless and lose their keys. If you have a roommate, the case is much easier to be solved. You can just call your roommates and they will unlock the doors for you. Imagine if you live alone, and is locked up outside in the middle of the night. That must be very annoying. Not to mention the cost you must spend to fix your door.

Having Companions Means More Safety For You

It is not only about the security inside your house, but also the safety when you have to go out at night and need companions. Your roommates are the closest ones to accompany you. Indeed, it feels safer to have someone walking by our sides rather than going out alone.


More Entertainment

Not only you can split the entertainment devices with your roommates, you can have more channels by sharing the fees with them, and still have some amount to go out or see a movie on the weekend. Your roommates may also have some movie collections, games, or magazines that you can borrow anytime.

You May Find New Buddies

Your roommates will be the closest people in your live, and it often results in a long term friendship even if you do not live together with them anymore. They will be the ones who can see you in your pajamas or listen to your grumbling about your boss. Eventhough at first you feel awkward living with strangers, you will build more closeness and dependency. You will have more fun with them, go out to have some drinks, see new movies, or shop for groceries. Moreover, they can lend you their shoulders to cry on in your bad times. They can act silly just to cheer you up.


Somebody Else Will Help You Clean

Never underestimate how house chores can be very time and energy consuming! It seems that you will never finish them eventhough you have spent all of your spare time. If there are roommates, you will not get that stressful just to neat your apartment. You can split the chores and get more rests at home.

You Will Hardly Get Starved

If you run out of milk or food, there will always be your roommates’ stocks to borrow. Just never forget to ask them first and get the new ones later. Besides that, there will be more chances to have free food from your roommates’ girlfriends or parents. More luckily, if your roommates love to cook or eat. There must be more cookies, chocolates, or chips leftover.

Your Pets Have Someone To Take Care While You Are Away

If you love pets and have some in your apartment, it must be hard to leave them for some times. Yes, there are pets’ boardings, but the cost can be quite expensive. If you have roommates, you can ask for their favor to take care of your pets while you are away. It is more convenient to leave your pets with someone you already know, rather than with strangers. As a return, you can take them to a dinner or offer some helps to do their tasks.



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