Is it difficult for you to find an ideal tenant that meets the criteria that you want and to advertise room for rent? What specific criteria that you need from your tenants? We at believe our platform is the platform that works best for you. We’ve received feedback from users regarding the method of listing a room for rent on our website. What are the important things that you need to include, or, share to attract potential tenants. Here we outline two tips for you to find a tenant with us.

Listing your room to rent – advertise room for rent now!

We strive to make your experience with us a convenient one. Firstly, register as a user on our website – which is completely free – and complete all details about yourself so that your profile looks appealing. We advise everyone that lists with us to put as many details as possible on the room they’re renting. Submitting a room Ad with all relevant information that may attract interest of other users is very important to increase the potential of you getting a new tenant quickly. We have also prepared a complete sets of options to enable a superior search experience.

User registration at

3 Important Tips on advertising room for rent

  • Ensure that all relevant and important information about the room is clear and precise
  • Upload decent and attractive images relevant to the room
  • Include your contact details so that other users are able to contact you.

We observe many users who neglect the importance of providing sufficient detail regarding the room they’re renting out – many of which did not upload attractive images of their room – where we strongly believe plays a pivotal role. The way we see it, if you are not keen on doing your best to supply the important information about the room as well as a decent photo – you are not serious enough to get it rented out as soon as possible.

We’ve also received some feedback from users who informed us that they are busy and the process of uploading a listing is rather tedious. Believe us when we say that we do our very best to simplify the process for you to advertise your room. All information you have provided especially under the drop down menus are very useful for other users which facilitates the communication process between parties.

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Finding your ideal roommate & housemate – Find your roommate here!

One of the unique function on our website is allowing everyone to create a profile with us hence enabling other people to team up with them to rent a room with. For example, you don’t have a room to rent but you are looking for a room. So instead of just looking for a room to rent, your profile will appear in our website to allow landlords or those who have a room to rent to look through your profile and contact you! There are two main type of housemate search :

  •  People looking for a room
  • People looking for a tenant

If you have a room to rent in certain places such as Selangor and Kuala Lumpur , you can find profiles of those who are looking in the areas mentioned. Isn’t it easy? Go ahead and try it now!

Link to thousand of  housemate profiles:


We hope this helps!





  1. zahhaziq

    2016-09-28 at 4:31 pm

    how to post my ads in

  2. arezam_rash

    2016-11-19 at 12:31 am

    hi guys
    Bilik sewa rm 350 (termasuk bil air + elektrik ) = ada katil bujang + tilam +caDAr, almari, ..

    kemudahan dlm umh
    #kemudahn ruang tamu selesa
    #dapur = peti ais, oven, dapur masak,
    #mesin basuh auto
    #berdekatan TBS = lrt, ERL, KTM…

    UNTUK KEMASUKAN BULAN 12 ….0145124803

  3. amzaid11

    2016-11-22 at 11:53 pm

    Kemasukan segera DISEMBER 2016.
    Lelaki sahaja.
    Bilik middle room (Kipas ceiling)
    9ft x 14ft

    Apartment dilengkapi:
    -Mesin basuh
    -Peti ais
    -Dapur & tong gas (boleh masak)
    -Iron & Iron board
    -Lift (level 5)
    -Tempat parking
    -Double Security 24jam

    Apartment di seksyen 9, berdekatan:
    -Masjid Hasanah (Masjid Hijau)
    -Rumah kedai
    -Klinik kesihatan
    -Bangi gateway
    -Bangi Centre

    Sewa satu bilik: RM340 (termasuk utility elektrik | air | wifi)

    Bayaran sebelum masuk: 1(deposit)+1(sewa)+RM80(utiliti)=RM760
    Anything nak tanya. Boleh wasap@call. Thanks.

    Berminat? Call/whatsapp: 011 1101 0991 (am) | 011 1194 4992 (aiman)

  4. Connie Woo

    2016-12-03 at 12:49 am

    Room Near IOI Mall
    -air cond
    -washing machine
    *kitchen allowed to use.
    For more detail,contact 0183568719

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