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What would be the sole reason for you to not rent a whole unit of a house or property and instead renting a room? What’s the reason as to why many young executives particularly living in the city centre to be renting a room as oppose to a terrace house for instance? Yeah, perhaps you’ll be able to rent a unit if you rent it with couple of friends to live in it together – well eventually that’s just house sharing – literally you’re just renting a room when the bills are all spread. We know several people who would squeeze their expenses on other things, just to pay RM500 for a Middle room to live comfortably and not sharing. It’s such a bewilderment but we are keen on exploring this topic a bit more. Is it affordability? How do one prioritize financially? Is room renting an alternative or a need?

Financial Capacity

Sure, there are several websites out there which provides an almost similar platform like we do, but hey you know what, is the only website in Malaysia which provides a free platform for all to use to find your housemate while the rest are all paid apps. We’ve organized it in such a way that it’s easier for you to find a new roommate or housemate when you next find a room to rent. This can be easily access through our “Find Housemates” function at the very top of our page as you can observe now. This has been very useful to many and we want you to have an interactive link to find someone to share a room or house with.

Well back to our main topic. So is room renting an alternative or a need? When we refer it as a “need”, we are inferring on the high cost of living in CBDs which forces young execs to share rooms or rent a room instead of a whole unit. Imagine yourself earning RM2,500 monthly and let’s now be realistic, which part of KL would you rent a whole house with that amount of money and not eating sand by the end of the month for your dinner? Let’s be fair, that’s why most of us rent a room right? But what puzzles some people is that there are plenty of young executives earning that above mentioned salary, yes renting a room, but an expensive one beyond their financial capacity.

We believe that in most cases, living in CBDs such as KL, room renting is a “need” for young executives earning RM2500 or less while on the other hand, living in other cities with lower cost of living might just be an alternative. There are various sources on the web ranking Malaysia’s most expensive cities and you can be sure that Kota Bharu is not in top 5. It also comes down to your own capacity as well. You might be a student studying in Kota Bharu and renting a whole house might not be your ideal option unless you’re renting it with other friends as well. Let’s just take that “renting-with-friends” factor since that keeps derailing us from the original topic. So basically, one must first assess his/her financial capacity. If room renting is just an alternative, be prudent, if it is a need, search for the best room and yes is your best option!

Some might then say hey even if it is just an alternative, I would want an ideal environment for my apartment where I’m renting a room. Are there cheap rooms to rent near public transportation access such as LRT or Komuter? Yes, not crazy cheap but reasonably priced. Room for rent near LRT for RM180? Of course there are. Do you mind sharing? Do you mind living in an area where roughly 30 – 40 percent of the occupants to be foreigners from a you-know-where countries? If yes then you might have just found yourself your ideal room. Are there alternatives? Sure boy! Pay an extra of RM500 you can get yourself a nice room in a well-guarded apartment with swimming pools and all the facilities you would want.

At the end of the day, you decide your own priority based on what you can afford. We’ve seen many young executives spending more than their means just to rent a room in a fancy apartment. Yes, you might say that you’re paying the extra money for security purposes etc but hey, are there people out there who manage to cope living within their means in those areas? Indeed there are and why can’t you? This is just our two cents and you are free to argue but to you young executives out there, please, manage your money well. Do not succumb to trends and force yourself in to living in debt.

Average room rental rate

Our observation tells us that in most areas in KL, room rental ranged between RM180 – RM300 is a reasonable price. Somehow you may think that there’s not much difference between, say RM180 and RM250, given other factors in consideration, but mind you that the RM70 difference annually sums up to a significant amount of figure which you could channel them into other uses such as car or motorcycle installments. What? Sharing is not your thing? Maybe you should just give it a try. That’s the reason why we created the “Find Housemate” function! To ease your task in finding your ideal roommate or housemate. Use it and interact with your potential future housemate. Trust us, at the end of the day, sharing with the right person is not too bad after all.

Please, do not put yourself in a position where you need to succumb to trends and living beyond your means! Room renting can be both need and alternative, but manage your accounts well and use the platform that we’ve provided for you to find your next Ideal room for rent and housemate!

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  1. Vin

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    Hi im vin,loking for room for rent around kk and kepayan area…js trasfer at kk frm kl

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