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Adrian Lee is a 23 years old student from Seremban who is currently studying at KDU Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

How long have you been living in a shared house?

I must say that this is my first time house sharing. It has only been like a month and a half.

What type of house is it?

It’s a Serviced Apartment, right next to my college. A bit expensive but my parents reckon that it’s economical that I don’t incur extra commuting cost since I don’t own a car, plus it’s walking distant to college anyway that’s the whole purpose. Maybe it’s a good reason for them as well not to buy a car for me, hahaha!

How did you decide house sharing?

Well basically I decided where I want to study first – so decided to study there as it offers the course I want. So next is basically the location. If you search around Glenmarie you can hardly find any other Apartment or housing area. It’s like somewhat an Industrial area. So the nearest alternative was Prima U1 but that’s not walking distance at all. Furthermore, renting the whole unit here at Utropolis Glenmarie? No way.

How did you find the house?

We checked online and got in touch with an agent. So they helped us find a unit. I am currently renting the middle room.

How did you first find your housemate?

Well since everything is arranged by the Agent, I don’t get much option here.

What’s so fun about having a housemate?

My current housemate now, ermm, I don’t socialize with him much. Plus he’s a working professional so I don’t get to see him often. Gets back late at night and I am not around much during the weekend. Sorry to disappoint you but not much fun with my current housemate though. Hahaha

What’s the downside?

Well I think its pretty much self explanatory don’t you think? I mean I don’t talk to my housemate that much and the other room is vacant (the apartment has 3 rooms), so that’s pretty much the downside. But he’s a decent guy though because my parents met with him before I moved in whereby the Agent arranged the meet. It’s just so that we know each other. Plus him being older, my parents sort of feel it’s necessary if there’s someone who could look after me in case of an emergency. So I guess currently it’s kinda okay.

What are your thoughts about sharing house? Would it be something that you’d recommend?

Yeah if you like privacy like I do. Especially living in this apartment. Totally MYOB and plus this apartment is cool because a cleaner would come every week to clean the house – perhaps that’s why we’re paying a hefty price. Hahah. All the facilities here are also good, maybe also because of the fact that it’s new.

So what are your thoughts about a housemate finding website, would you use it?

Definitely in the future. This is my first experience so thank you though for sharing about the information on a website that would facilitate people in finding housemates/roommates.

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