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It’s not everyday that you’re lucky enough to rent a room in a house occupied by officemates or friends who get along with you well, that they understand how you roll. I mean even so, that friend of yours may eventually turn out to be a pain in the bum. This is your roommate problem. Here’s the deal, how do you draw a line between you and your housemates/roommate? One particular issue that crosses my mind is the visitors that your roommate brings to the house – or even better – into the room. Getting a roommate of impeccable character that suits your fussy preferences might be a little too farfetched but not getting an ideal roommate is also a bummer. So we believe that it is important that you be certain of the type of characters you want your roommate to be, not only when it reaches boiling point and you need to tell him or her off. Don’t be typical Malaysian

Daniel: Hey Kim a friend of mine is coming over tonight, you cool ?

Akim : Sure bro.. Takde hal lah..

Roommate problem – an issue

Weeks go by and Daniel keeps bringing his friend back and you know what, that dude only leaves the house at 1pm which is pass your bedtime and it totally makes you feel uncomfortable and at that point, you’re caught up in between telling your roommate off or just be nice and play along. If you’re like me, you’ll end up suffering because I’m not the type who really knows how to tell people off without offending them. My bad but I brought that to myself. It’s clear that you need to draw a line from the very beginning.

How to overcome

Since we know how it feels to be in your shoe, we’ve set up clear guidelines for this matter. As a user, you can choose to specify to your new roommate how frequent overnight visitors can come over – Never, rarely, monthly, fortnightly or weekly. If you’re the type of person who does not favor your roommate bringing visitors over, specifically staying the night, you can select the option “Never” and that sets a clear cut term on how you envision your life to be living with your roommate. Is it impossible? Nah, of course there are like-minded people who wants the exact same thing.

However, if let say you’ve chosen the option weekly but at the same time you would want the visitor to not sleep in the room, for example, you can just give your roommate a heads up and this is why we are emphasizing on the importance of “drawing the line”. You have to be clear on what you want and likewise, you must be ready to accept your roommate’s preference as well. It is imminent that you yourself might have unplanned visitors like your brother or a family member of yours and somehow they need to stay the night as well. I myself however would never let my brother come over and sleep at my “rumah sewa”, haha!

To be honest, set your preference right at the very start and you shall avoid any inconvenient melodramatic situation (no I’m not inferring you girls but could be true most of the times hahah) which occurs only when you are pretentious just to make someone feel good or not to offend them at that particular moment. More often than not in turns out sour and trust me that comes from a personal experience. We encourage roommates to communicate with each other well and we strongly believe the platform we provide at Hidup is the first medium where you be clear with your future housemates and roommates of how you roll and there should be no fuzz about

“ Bro, pikir lah member sikit ”



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