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Terms and Conditions of Use may be we have to change at any time without prior notice and remain binding upon the User to always obey.



Registration Agreement Terms 

To get the maximum service in the search and registration of rental rooms and roommates, Users are advised to register with the site to understand and comply with the following things:
a. Users register by selecting the USERNAME (username), PASSWORD (password), and notify the e-mail address of the user.
b. USERNAME may not be selected if the name of the person / entity other and are used with the aim of imitating / act as people / other entity without the consent of the owner of the name.
c. USERNAME may not be selected if it is SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race, intergroup) and / or contrary to the norms of decency.
d. The sites have full rights over the username, and we are entitled to take a decision in case of any dispute regarding USERNAME.
e. Users are responsible for the confidentiality USERNAME and PASSWORD.
f. Users provide information about yourself as well as room rental accurate and up to date on the various forms that exist on the Site.
g. Users are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data notified to site when registering.
h. Site is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the misuse of User’s account or by untruth data submitted by users through the site.


 Conditions Advertising 

Registered users can register and advertise rental rooms through a trusted understand and comply with the following things:
a. Site is a place to share information regarding the rental of rooms and facilities providers, so it does not give any guarantee on the ad or profile listed.
b. The site is not directly involved in any interactions or transactions that occur between users (both between property owners and tenants) so that the site has no control over the quality, safety, morality or legality of any advertisement that is listed.



Related to the content, registered users are required to understand and comply with the following things:
a. Each user is fully responsible for content written and uploaded to the site by the User. User agrees to indemnify and did not give any responsibility to the Site (including the manager), and take full personal responsibility for any claims caused by the content written and uploaded to the site by users.
b. Sites can not be sued for damages or other claims for any errors, shortcomings, or statements contained in any content uploaded to the site by the User.
c. User agrees not to publish content that contains related prejudices of ethnicity, religion, race, and between groups (SARA), and agrees not to publish content that is offensive or contrary to the norms and laws.
d. Users may not upload any content that contains software viruses designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of a software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
e. The site does not monitor each time content posted by users on the site, but we reserve the right, though not required, at any time review, reject, delete, and / or modify some or all content uploaded by the user based on the assessment that it violates conditions before the terms and conditions set by the site and statutory provisions in force in Indonesia.
f. If the User is not able to comply with the use of this Site reserves the right to take further action, such as termination of membership and / or access without prior warning.


 Intellectual Property Rights 

Any information (including but not limited to text, pictures, logos, sound, graphics, video, and other material contained therein) are Copyright Hidup.com and is protected by Copyright, Trademark Rights, Patents, and / or other Intellectual Property rights. Abuse whole or part of the Site and use without the written permission of the site can be regarded as an act against the law. Such measures are liable to criminal and / or civil.
Site entitled to manage everything that is uploaded by a user in any utilization of Service Site without paying royalties, non-exclusive right and license to use any way you want to service the site. Site also reserves the right to terminate the Service and promptly remove content uploaded by users if it violates copyright and / or legislation in force.


 Critics and Suggestions 

Various forms of criticism and suggestions and further questions can be submitted via e-mail to the site. We prioritize the response to the user that accompanies the data is self-complete, and we guarantee the confidentiality of personal data User.



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