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Housemate Interview with Adrian

Jun 30, 2016
Adrian Lee is a 23 years old student from Seremban who is currently studying at KDU Glenmarie, Shah ...
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Roommate Problem

Jun 15, 2016
It’s not everyday that you’re lucky enough to rent a room in a house occupied by officemates or ...
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Room for rent KL – Location or persona...

Apr 13, 2016
Room for rent in KL, a very interesting topic. When I started doing my internship in KL, I ...
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Mar 07, 2016
Writer: Syamsid Dhuha Blog: Assalamualaikum and good morning people ?. How are ya ? I hope you ...
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Room rental: An alternative or a need?

Feb 02, 2016
Increase in the cost of living is inevitable and plays a pivotal role in our daily decision. Hey, ...
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Room Rental in a different view

Feb 02, 2016
Malaysia is blessed with a multi-racial community which, to most of us is an opportunity to learn more ...
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Rooms for rent in Kuala Lumpur: What do we r...

Nov 20, 2015
Whenever I thought about my late grandma, there are three things that I remember vividly: her taking me ...
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