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Flatsharing interview with Shahrul

Posted by teamhidup on 2016-05-25
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Shahrul is a 26 years old Marketing Executive working in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. He currently is sharing a house in Sikamat.
How long have you been living in a shared house?
I have been living in a shared house even during my University years, So to be honest, living in a shared house has been for like 4 – 5 years. My hometown is far and I’ve been going places.

What type of house is it?
I live in a single storey terrace house with 3 rooms. Each person gets one room

How did you decide to live in a shared house?
That’s the most ideal situation for a person like me. It’s the first thing that comes through my mind and I believe many of my peers. I definitely can’t afford to rent the whole house.

How did you find the house?
Online. I checked several websites and I believe I’m the old school type of person, I typically ask around. Luckily, I have broad network so I manage to secure this current place through some help of friends as well.

How did you first found your housemate?
The current tenant actually advertised online. A friend of mine told me that my current housemate is looking to rent the middle room so I called him and everything worked out fine.

What’s so fun about having a housemate?
My current housemates are very friendly. One of my housemates is married and is a lot older so I got to say living with a person like him is really awesome. We get to speak about loads of stuff and he takes good care of me. He’d normally asks whether I’ve had my lunch/dinner if so happens that he’s on his way back. So we kinda got each other’s back and I think that’s really cool.

What’s the downside?
Well living in a house with only 3 people in it, I’ve experienced better environment living in a shared house. One of my housemates rarely comes back and the other one works on a shift. So sometimes I get bored. So I guess that’s a major downside if you’re a person like me who likes company.

What are your thoughts about sharing a house? Would it be something that you’d recommend?

Yeah definitely!

So what are your thoughts about a housemate finding website, would you use it?

Yes sure. I’ve got a new job offer in KL so this would definitely be useful.