Room for rent in KL, a very interesting topic. When I started doing my internship in KL, I was lucky enough to have had my parents to live in Shah Alam – which I had fully utilized the privilege to commute with my dad who is actually still working in Bangsar at the time. Everyday, we wake up at 5.30 in the morning to get ready for work as we typically leave home at 6.25am. Well you might be wondering why not just 6.30am instead bro? Well bro then you don’t know KL yet. Those who live in KL know how that 5 minutes gap makes a lot of difference because if we were to do that – my dad will be ranting on about the traffic from the traffic light nearby and 5 minutes before reaching Bangsar – and still be complaining about how that caused us petrol cost and time to be caught in traffic, the day after. You can imagine how tough that would be for a student living in the city, night life, drinks with friends, sports and so on. How the heck can I manage my time?

It had me thinking at that time, what if my parents were not living anywhere near city centre and I still had to do my internship in the same place? I’ve got a friend who resides in Denai Alam and happens to work in KL Sentral told me that what he normally does is he will drive to the nearest LRT, which is LRT Kelana Jaya and park there instead of driving all the way to KL Sentral. I don’t have time to measure how much he spends a day so lets skip that part, fair enough to say that it is costly for a fresh grad. That’s the deal isn’t it? What do you want, is it the location, or the preference of living far from office but the convenience of having friends or family nearby? or is it both?

Room rental in KL – A personal preference

Most users that we interview told us that more often than not, they opt for personal preference rather than the location itself. Bear in mind that when I say location, it is subject to the relative distance for you to commute i.e. from your home to your office. So what is personal preference then? This can vary from one person to another of course.

Personal preference:
1) Living with/near friends and family
2) Living with like-minded individuals
3) Ideal environment – near grocery stores, clean and hygiene apartment, amenities, facilities etc
4) Privacy

room for rent

Strictly speaking, both involves significant amount of cost. Yes, you’re absolutely right too, if someone were to live somewhere near in close proximity to his/her working place particularly in KL, they need to pay more and at the same time if someone wants to live nearby which fits all his personal preferences, the cost may be a whole lot more inevitably. Then again, are you willing to share to minimize the cost or are you the kind of person who prefers having the space all to yourself?

In this context we are keen on exploring more options for young working adults out there who will be room renting. This topic sometimes seems to me to be unfathomable. It’s so complex that at the end of the day when friends or family come to me for advice, rent whatever room that suits you, that’s the best I can say. However we at Hidup NOW believe that that could be easily sorted out using the functions that we have provided on our website.

Let’s take one simple example and get back to where it all started. Back in my university days I only stayed once in college during my Diploma years and during my Bachelor’s I stayed off campus so basically I had to find a room to rent. This being said I am well prepared to share. I have no issues whatsoever of sharing a room with a stranger (that doesn’t come out right does it? But yeah). Perhaps that’s how “Budak Rumah” got along well especially when both are far away from their hometown. Of course there are hiccups here and there but we learn how to adapt eventually.

Room for rent kl – Where will be your location?

So I thought if I were to rent a room in KL, where will I stay? Should I rent a room in Ampang? Or should I rent a room elsewhere farther and cheaper but nearer to an LRT station to ease my expenses? Are there such places?
The answer is YES, definitely. There are plenty of low cost flats or apartments which are near an LRT station but you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll feel like you’re somewhere in between KL – Dhaka – Kathmandu. If cost is not an issue to you then good, but that’s not the case for many young fresh graduates living in KL. There are apartments with ample rooms for rent in Ampang such as Apartment Berembang which is very near an LRT station for example. Yeah you can deco your room to be your ideal place but you can’t expect much of a maintenance of your flat though. Please, there are not gymnasium nor swimming pool. Even if they are, I don’t think you’ll fancy going anyway.

Then again, that’s just me. I don’t mind not staying with friends and I am not that fussy in terms of preference though. As long as it’s decent and bearable – I am completely okay with it. I don’t see why I need to incur extra expenses such as travelling cost living farther with friends. I feel that room renting is just a matter of priority. However, truth be told, most of the people I interview tend to differ. They say that they feel better sense of security if they were to live with friends be it paying more to commute. Some, on the basis of personal preferences also decides on paying extra on room rent (sometimes up to RM900 – Rm1,100 per room!) so that they can have their privacy or maybe someone to look after them if something happens and better still – someone who they trust and they can talk to.
flatsharing roommate flatshare

It’s always good to have someone to speak to

As a conclusion, I can say that in the perspective of room for rent kl, it encapsulates many aspects of individual’s priorities and interests which affects decision making. I personally think that these differences are beautiful. People can have both, location and personal preferences, as long as you can pay for it! I’ve never said to a friend who rents a room in a luxury suites he’s dumb, because every now and then, I shall come over to his crib and enjoy the magnificent gym and swimming pool 😉

p/s: I remain good friends with my roommate during my Bachelor’s Degree.



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