Increase in the cost of living is inevitable and plays a pivotal role in our daily decision. Hey, let’s now assume that you are a fresh graduate who just got offered a job in KL and you are nowhere near your family. You are from out of town, KL is totally new to you, you can’t afford to rent the whole house that’s absurd, and the only option left is for you to rent a room. But where exactly can you rent a reasonably priced room but yet still is strategic in terms of location. Of course, you don’t want to be spending half of your income travelling to work. That’s awkward, you work because you want salary, but your salary is used only to get to work. Really, nothing funny about that. Is renting a room an alternative or a need?
On average, a fresh graduate’s salary is around RM2,400-RM2,500. If you’re lucky you can reach a figure beyond RM2,700 but this is indeed for those who holds a Bachelor’s Degree, not Diploma and hey just to spice things up let us quote Deputy Education Minister Senator Chong Sin Woon, “A university degree is not a ticket to get jobs and it may even be a stumbling block at times.”. Buckle up guys, here’s a list for you to consider, that’s of course considering you ever got a job.

Room Rental: RM300
Astro Water Electric Bill: RM50
Telephone bill: RM30 (Calls Only)
Data Reload – Mobile Internet : RM30
Food and groceries: RM600
Monthly car instalment: RM300 (Saga FL perhaps MyVi)
Petrol cost: RM400
Emergency Saving: RM200
Saving: RM250
Total: RM2,500 – RM2,130 = RM370

This obviously doesn’t take into account – particularly for men – who smoke cigarettes, or had to take his girlfriend out for a movie on weekends, to prepare wedding gifts for friend’s wedding ceremony, or better yet, when friends invited you to go on a vacation overseas. How’s that for a thought? We however are not here to go in depth on your financial management but having a good reasonable and prudent system to save up is ideal and we believe room rental in KL for folks like us are very important. Oh wait, are you planning on getting married soon? Have you accounted that as well? If that’s the case do you think you can afford renting the whole unit to yourself and your spouse?
Most crucially, are you able to save up at least RM1,000 as emergency savings, just in case anything happens?
Recent survey by Bank Negara Malaysia suggests that 94% Malaysians are unable to survive beyond six months without income and 75% have trouble raising RM1,000 emergency cash. Clearly we may not be able advise you in something that is out of our area of expertise or knowledge but we can share with you how you are able to save from renting a room and beyond that, how to get a room of reasonable price that you can afford.

We at believe that we provide the best platform for you out there to not only compare prices of room for rent according to your desired location but also we offer you something greater than that. Ideally the issue lies not only on where to rent a room but also who to rent with. Hover over to the “Find a housemate” function on top of the page and look for someone who could potentially be your next roommate or housemate. Well you know what, it is all completely free. Manage who you would live with, manage your financial capacity and always be prudent when spending.
Now is room rental in KL something of an alternative or a need to people particularly students and young executives? We personally think that living in the outskirts of KL or anywhere apart from the city center, it might be an alternative in KL? It’s a need. Comparatively the cost of living between in the cities or in a small town differs a lot. One can earn RM1,700 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and be living a comfortable life of a RM5,000 earning person in KL so it’s imperative that we get a logical comparison. Obviously, you don’t need to rent a room in KB if that’s your total earning but you sure would be begging to get one in KL if you’re earning RM1,700!

Location wise most of us would love to get a room to rent anywhere near major road access such as NKVE, SPRINT or LDP highways, somewhere for you to conveniently get to your office. It’s a bigger success if you manage to get a nice cosy, affordable room near an LRT station. Gosh that’s brilliant. Hold on a sec, affordable is such a vague term, if it is affordable to you, doesn’t necessarily mean its affordable to someone else. Okay, why not we target the vast majority – this is of course assuming that they are in no way fussy of environment and surroundings or food and restaurant to eat out for example. Can we get a shared room at RM180/RM200 price range near LRT? Sure! But can you live in a flat, with tons of foreigners from Bangladesh or Nepal living next door as well? Can you tolerate any uncomfortable encounters with these fellow neighbors in the lift? If you can then yes, there are plenty of rooms for rent as such! You see, this is hugely related to your preference. We are not implying that Bangladeshi nor Nepalese cause harm to locals or in any way saying that they have this funny odors which you can smell from a mile away because you can observe that in locals as well! But it is simply a matter of preferences and your budget constraint.

The choice is in your hand and you know why these people are there? Because they feel the same kind of pressure financially as well. But don’t be surprised that they manage to save up a lot more than you do and sometimes remits home a huge amount of money to their families, a lot more than you have ever sent to yours!
Based on our analysis, at an average we think that a rough estimation of price range between RM180-RM250 is an ideal price for young executives such as yourself. If you’re living a comfortable life now you wouldn’t have read up until this paragraph don’t you. Well, it can go well over RM300 and sometimes people are willing to pay RM600 for a comfortable non sharing room, again it’s a matter of preference. See here that the RM400 difference in price paid monthly sums up to a whooping RM4800. Can you imagine yourself saving that up or using that for other purposes? Most argue that they pay more to get better location. We might disagree since majority goes another way round. It’s mostly – Privacy. They want to rent a room which gives them complete privacy, location comes second. You can be working in Petaling Jaya and be looking for a room for rent up until Bangsar. Seriously.

Our advice is for you to spend prudently. If room rental is a part of your life now, start thinking of ways to save up. This year it’s not going to be nice to us if we don’t start planning ahead. Do not allow yourself to live in debt just because you want a fancy lifestyle and that simple complete privacy. Do so at your own financial capacity and not because of the pressure around you telling you to do so. We believe that our website can help you sort not only where to rent but also who to rent with. Yes you might already have a friend that you think would want to live with but no harm creating an account with us. Who knows there are potential future housemates here waiting for you !



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